Company information

Primordial Muse Inc. was established in 2003, with headquarters in Venice, California. As a small team of talented computer specialists, we have worked with many clients from the entertainment, e-commerce and advertising industries, and beyond into research, education and government projects.

Animation on the web – using characters to communicate on web sites

PMI started out focusing on digital animation in 2003 in the Venice, CA “Digital Coast”. A range of projects included the Protagonizer project, that continued the efforts of Talkie Inc. to use animated characters to communicate on web sites. Evolutionary changes, including the crash of the digital marketplace, turned the company to development in the eLearning world.

Elearning – integrating components

In 2004, PMI developed a proprietary system that emphasized low cost and ease of use while solving integration problems between course registration / content presentation / interactive classroom modules. Early eLearning systems were cumbersome and required large admin staff and instructor training and were geared towards large school enviornment. Our system worked effectively for small agencies. After over 10 years, this system was acquired by NLC, a non-profit agency, to continue supporting those small agencies inexpensively.

Return to animation – tools for disabled

In 2015, PMI spun off the eLearning project. Although animated images often were used as part of the content presentation for online courses, there was little opportunity to make use of 3D art or animation. That chance came when we were asked to design tools that would help people with severe physical limitations to work with computers, including designing simple games that could be guided by a variety of interfaces, including stylus, button and even neural devices. This is an interesting and active project with opportunities for innovation.